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Former PGA Tour golfer Ron Cerrudo is considered one of the Carolinas'
top golf instructors. Ron is the Head Teaching Professional for the Daniel Island Golf Club in Charleston, SC. Participating in corporate outings as player, teacher, and featured speaker.

Ron Cerrudo is available for lessons or corporate events. For more
of a background on Ron, please read on, or check out his

As a youngster growing up in northern California, Cerrudo played all
sports. He got his introduction to golf after his father's employer
suggested golf might be a safer hobby than his father's hobby, which
was flying small airplanes. The summer after his father began playing
golf, Cerrudo attended his first clinic. He was scoring in the 90s when
he was 12 years old. The epiphany came that summer, and on his 13th
birthday Cerrudo broke 70 for the first time.

"All of a sudden I became real interested in golf and started playing all
year long, even though I was playing other sports," he said. "My junior
year of high school, I was supposed to start at quarterback on the
varsity football team. But that summer I qualified for the U.S. Juniors."

Daniel Island Golf Instructor